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Abandoning the 12 Cross Frame Langs

I have today officially abandoned my switch to 12 frames X wise in liue if 8 frames long wise.
See this link 12 Frames Crossway in an 8 Frame Lang Box

Even with full wax foundation X linking was so severe normal inspection was impossible. So without a long winded account (I have commented on this somewhere) this morning I removed the second last of the 12 X frame boxes and will do a crush and strain today. I will rotate the last one (one of two brood boxes in my 2 brood box hive) when convenient…perhaps at the end of the season.
So after all that, failure is perhaps not the right word, but just let’s say there are advantages in using 8 frame Langs running longways.


You could say that your experiment has now concluded :wink:


well you know what they say: it is better to have tried and failed- than to have never tried at all.

I wonder how people go managing those eco-hives that have dozens of tiny frames…

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