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Adding a second brood box

Hi Beeks,
New beekeeper here. I have two Flow Hive 2 bee hives. I bought two nucs and installed them 4 days ago. I have been told by our local bee assoc. that the 8 frame brood box (most use 10 frame here) will not be enough space for our subtropical environment here in Florida, USA because the potential to swarm will be greater. So I bought two extra brood boxes. Winter is coming to an end (it was a extra warm winter this year) here in FL and the bees are bringing in lots of pollen/nectar already so should l add the super when brood box one is full and later in the season (June/July) add the extra brood box when the super is filling up? And do I add the second brood (well, I guess it would be called a super if its above the queen excluder) box above or below the flow super? Thanks in advance for your advice!

I would add the second brood box first, and let them fill it. Then put the queen excluder and super on top of both brood boxes, once it is 80% full and every frame is completely covered with bees.


I’m in a sub-tropical climate here in Australia and using 8 frame single brood hives and happy with that choice but I am also very proactive in my hive management and do preemptive slits at the very beginning of Spring.
When I was in a colder climate a double brood hive was the norm but it makes a hive a lot more manageable if a single brood box is an option.
Swarming is a natural thing that honey bees do to expand and it will happen no matter how much space they have eventually they will swarm. Sure by adding extra space will put that day back but a better option in my opinion is to do Spring splits and concentrate on hive management.


Happy belated Cake Day, Peter!


Thank you for your advice. They have built 6 and a half frames so far. Cant wait to put on the super. Hopefully soon!

Don’t add the super till all of the frames in the brood box are in use for brood and stores, all of the frames are covered with bees and the hive is really active and needing extra room. A super put on too early can set a hive backwards.
If your climate is mild I wouldn’t use a second brood box, a single brood box keeps the hive simple and much more manageable.

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