Advice on freshly caught swarm

We just caught a swarm (well the hubs did). It was perfect timing as it started raining and all went well.

They are in nuc box with 5 empty frames. The box hashad the dial for various options.

My instinct tells me that we bring them home, put them near our final location, lock them in till morning with no food. Then open for all to be free in the morning including the queen.

Will they be okay overnight, they should have nice full bellies from the old hive right?

Then a few weeks from now we move the frames to the honey flow brood box?

We ended up putting a cap full of honey in and allowed the bees top come and go except the queen by turning the dial to queen excluder.

I would have them in their final position if you know where that is going to be so they orientate once. Not sure Bout locking them up for the night, ventillation issues? From the sounds of it, if your dial keeps the queen in then they will stay but I have never worried about it and generally just open a restricted entrance.


Thanks. We have vents on both sides and ended up putting a tiny cap of honey inside. They seemed very happy. We opened the dial to let all but queen out and saw a few explore and buzz the nuc box this evening. Amazing!

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