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AFB Detector Dog

Found this on the ABC web site

Some overseas members may not be able to get this. So here’s a cut and paste from the ABC article:

Hunter Valley apiarists Sam and Bianca Giggins are waging a personal battle with bee disease American foulbrood (AFB) with the help of a family pet.The proprietors of Williams River Honey are training their one-year-old Belgian Malinois pup Missy to detect the disease in their hives.
At the annual local Beekeepers Field Day, in the New South Wales’ lower Hunter Valley, Missy was mobbed for selfies following a demonstration.Moving from hive to hive, she was able to successfully detect the AFB bacteria contained in vials inside stacked hives.“When she finds the AFB, she marks that by sitting in front of that hive and her nose goes to the front of the entrance,”


An interesting story and video, it is great to see the ABC reporting a lot more about bee info and issues. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Wilfred.


Amazing. Now I want a dog even more! I had heard of dogs being able to detect cancer etc. by smell, so am not surprised by this news, but impressed nonetheless. Another excellent use for their talents.


Maryland (USA) has had an AFB sniffing dog for some time. Apparently a good dog is VERY reliable and efficient at finding the disease.


Our family dog detects trouble and normally him at the front :rofl:


I was at the Tocal Beekeeper’s Day and the detector dog session was very popular. Missy is a charmer and the video they showed of how they train her as a sniffer dog was very intriguing.

There’s a bit more about her in my post in this thread.