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After harvested flow frame still capped

Hi All,

I just did my first harvest with the flow frames. I’ve got one question, after 2 days of harvested the flow frames are still cupped with wax. There is no honey underneath the wax. Will the bees realize about this or I have to uncup the wax manualy?


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A good question, the bees already know the honey has gone, give me a break, I don’t know how they know, but they know as soon as it has gone. The bees will remove the wax and seal up the comb again and will quickly start storing nectar again. I have seen the bees go straight to work on uncapping the cells but also seen them left for some time, I guess that is a job the bee tackle when they need the storage space,

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It depends how strong (number) of bees and how many frames I harvest as to how long it takes them to uncap the empty cells. I reckon it is a two or so days to fully uncap a frame and a week or more for 4-6 frames.

I’m sure if a flow is on it influences the speed too.

Having said all that, yes they will uncap them and start using them with out you doing anything.


I see the bees in the drained cells in the end window as soon as its reset.