Aggressive bees in fall

Is it just my 3 hives, or do you notice your bees being more aggressive in the fall? When I swap out the quart jars of sugar water, I have to get my whole bee suit on because they are constantly bumping me and getting agitated, until I leave the hive area. One of the little buggers managed to work her way down my right glove and sting me on my wrist this morning.

Just wondering about that. Thanks!


Definitely more inquisitive and defensive when there is a dearth - which is probable for this time of year.

Hard to call it aggressive since you are next to the hive and manipulating/bumping.

We’ve noticed our bees seem more aggressive or defensive the last week or so. We too need to put our suits on just to change or refill the sugar syrup. I feel our bees are going through a large amount of sugar syrup also. One gallon feeder is empty within 2 - 2 1/2 days. Does that seem like a large amount of syrup for a double deep?

I think mine took as much as 4 gallons in a day last fall.

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whoa!!!That’s a lot for one day. Is that per bee hive??

Yes, one hive! I was using a Miller feeder and it was a single deep colony.

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