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Am I Queenless?

I am not sure what the breed is to be honest. I’ll have to check in with Betterbee on that one.
Good news! I finally spotted the queen today!!
I began a methodical frame by frame search and she turned up on lucky number 15 so the panic/concern is over (until the next time)


Aww she’s beautiful!! Great job! No need to panic though, you don’t always have to find the queen to know that you are queen right! It is definitely super fun and exciting to find her though, I’ll give you that! If you have eggs, you know that the queen has been there within three days, and if something happened to her in that timeframe, the bees are able to make a new queen from newly hatched eggs. All new larvae are fed royal jelly for three days, and then most are switched over to a diet of bee bread (a mixture of pollen, nectar, and honey). The change in diet is what makes them worker bees… but if the bees decide they need a new queen for whatever reason, they’ll select about a dozen newly hatched larvae and continue feeding them royal jelly past those three days. Those larvae can then become queens! So cool!

Anyway long story short, you don’t have to see the queen to know you hav one…. But it is fun to find her! Haha if you see eggs or teeny tiny little c shaped larvae, you’re good. Pollen coming into the hive is also a good sign, as this is what the bees use to feed their brood, but don’t use that your only clue. There are other behavioral traits that can sort of clue you in to whether or not there is a queen present… kindof fun to read about if you’ve got some time for a little research :blush:


I find blowing them with your breath has the same affect :wink: they will scatter