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Amateur a bit confused


I seem to be confused to as what my bees are doing? I thought they might be bearding but it’s 16 degrees with light showers. Are they swarming on that Jacaranda tree?


Looks very suspicious to me for swarmy behaviour. I would suggest you look in the brood box, as in your region, this is prime swarm season. Be prepared to do a split. I suggest page 17 of this leaflet (big document, so be patient for the download) - it may be overwhelming if this is the first time you have thought about it, but it will help you next time. :blush:



I think your bees are more confused than you are. I would scoop them off the tree and place back at the entrance to the hive, they should go back inside by nightfall.


I am guessing you haven’t done a Spring split so the first thing I would do is assess the hive for being over crowded and for queen cells. I don’t see a queen excluder so you will need to check in both boxes. The bees are not bearding, I suspect they are cramped for room.
I would do a 50/50 split if you have the woodware to do it because if you don’t do it now your colony may swarm and it will sooner or later.
How about editing your location so we can give better advise, Darwin has a different climate to Hobart, the Gold Coast to Alice Springs.
Welcome to the forum Liam, there is lots of reading on here and people happy to give you advise.


Good advice on splitting that hive @Liam_Smitty - maybe another beek can give you a hand? Either way, go for it, as one amateur to another, you have little to lose and so much to gain in trying this essential skill out for the first time! :blush::+1:

Let us know how it goes…