Angry Guard Bees

We just did an inspection on one of our hives yesterday and we are still being stalked by a few angry guard bees. We have had to spray them with insecticide because come looking for us up in the deck and even buzzing around the screen door. When will they forget that we invaded their home?

Some of mine are still having a go after a week, they’re stronger in numbers at the moment therefore more guards to send out.

Guard bee are much more aggressive, that is their job. But if the colony regards you as a threat any bee will sting you to defend the colony, except the drones of course.
A lot of mistakes are made by working at the front of the hive, not using enough smoke or waiting till it takes effect before removing the roof. Some days bees are just in a bad temperament and better to just call it off till tomorrow.
Sometimes it can be a change in the weather and they will sense a thunderstorm long before we hear the thunder. This is more common when all the hives in an apiary are angry, even before you get to the hives.
A few months ago I went to mow around my apiary, started the mower and before I had moved it several hundred the bees were trying to sting the mower, they were more ‘wanting a piece’ of the mower than me but I called it a day immediately. Later on, about 4 hours, a thunderstorm hit. Went back the next day and spent 3 hours mowing the apiary and almost no interest from the bees. My guess is the bee knew the storm was coming so were on the war path.

One of the guards even stung my neighbour who was screen printing t-shirts in his back shed a month ago and another bee got screen printed onto a t-shirt :laughing: shouldn’t laugh, he wasn’t impressed. We let them know when we’re going to inspect now. It was a bit windy yesterday may​:honeybee: that’s why they were skittishly running around on the comb and bouncing off our suits. I just ignored them but my hubby is less relaxed than I. He got lots of stings on his gloves lucky for PPE.

Get his gloves off him and rub some Vaseline Intensive Care into them to keep them soft and pliable but more important to mask the scent of previous bee sings. A windy day can make the bees a bit on the angry side, the same as a thunderstorm in the area…
Give the neighbor a jar of honey, it keeps the peace.