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Another 2-foot hive movement question


So I have started 2 hives, spaced about 18 inches apart. Installed the bee packages a week ago and everything seems to be working out. Now I’ve decided I need to move both hives about 2 feet. I know this short move in itself is not a problem, but now hive B will be in the same location as hive A was the day before. Will the “A” bees try to enter the “B” hive, or will they figure things out without problems?


If you move them in one go,yes.
Try six inches at a time every couple of days


Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I made a wooden base that holds both hives, and put eyebolts in the base, so I can lift it with a couple of rope handles (and a helper). It’ll be easy to move.


To ensure no drifting of bees…move first one hive, in increments, until it is in the position you require. Then after a few days…start to move the other one. By doing this you allow time for the first hive bees to reorientate to the new position…otherwise, by doing both at the same time…many bees will end up in the wrong hive which may weaken the first one…which you don’t want to happen as they are both only just starting to build.