Ants deterrent cups on my Flow Hive base - directions for use please!

What is the best way to use the ant deterrents that are on the legs of my Flow Hive bases, i.e. How do they work?

I would use mineral oil in them. Make the gap between the 2 pieces about 1/4 inch. You dont want your bees to fit through.

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Thanks. I will let you know if it stops the big black “sweet ants”. They seem like they could span the 1/4", but we’ll see!!

The ant guards on my flowhive have yet to fail me. On my hive that doesnt have ant guards i mixed borax and sugar, then i sealed it in Tupperware and poked ant size holes around the bottom with a grill skewer. It took care of them fast. ( use caution, it can kill bees just as fast! )

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I’m trying this idea and it appears to be working. Cut a plastic cup to size with scissors. Then cut down to the bottom and make a hole about the size of the hive leg. I taped the cup on the outside and sealed the top with petroleum jelly. I’m thinking about how to make something like this a more permanent solution.

Hi cam,
I’ve had an ongoing problem with ants (larger ants). The ant guards that go on the flow hive weren’t big enough to stop them from jumping over. In the end, I opted for this for two of my hives (on a stand). So far I haven’t had a single ant get into the hives. All other methods I’ve tried, so far have failed or require (too) regular reapplication. These ants are very persistant, have a mean sting, will wipe out a colony, and operate at night so you don’t necessarily know there’s a problem until you take the roof off a hive. There is engine grease on the underside and the whole stand leg sits on the block.
Good luck with your method!


This looks great! I also resorted to making a trap of borax/sugar with holes only ants can enter. How long has your method been working?

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Thanks! It’s been on for about 6 months without reapplication. Having said that, it’s winter here and the ants hibernate moreso than the bees. I’ll be reapplying in spring and should get away with two applications a year :crossed_fingers:
I’ve tried the borax before and although I got small ants in there (not really an issue here), the big ones weren’t interested. It’s also a fine line with the hole sizes between these ants and the bees.

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I just set up my hive ( bees arriving tonight and red ants already crawling around on the patio we made the bees). I put olive oil and added peppermint essential oil in my ant guard cups.
Hope this will work. I didn’t have mineral oil.
I have tung and pine oil mix though - this is what I sealed my cedar hive with- I prob should have used that. When I want to change the cup oil should I just take the brood box off the base to do that?