Ants deterrent cups on my Flow Hive base - directions for use please!

What is the best way to use the ant deterrents that are on the legs of my Flow Hive bases, i.e. How do they work?

I would use mineral oil in them. Make the gap between the 2 pieces about 1/4 inch. You dont want your bees to fit through.

Thanks. I will let you know if it stops the big black “sweet ants”. They seem like they could span the 1/4", but we’ll see!!

The ant guards on my flowhive have yet to fail me. On my hive that doesnt have ant guards i mixed borax and sugar, then i sealed it in Tupperware and poked ant size holes around the bottom with a grill skewer. It took care of them fast. ( use caution, it can kill bees just as fast! )