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Ants Granules - Your thoughts 💭

Hi Guys,

Just got off the phone with Richgrow, I’ve been trying to sort out a very annoying and disruptive ant :ant: situation. I’ve tried everything to keep them out and away from my hives including everything natural I could possible google/research/invent.

Now I know that pesticides and insecticides are OBVIOUSLY highly toxic for bees… what I’m questioning is the ant granules that I’ve been assured contain no sugary ingredients and no bee attractants and as they will be on the ground a distance from the hives not really in the path of my bees

Has anyone used them or anything similar (please don’t hate on my desperateness) I understand ants are a healthy part of the ecosystem, I just don’t need the quantity we have disrupting my newer hives.


The Richgro Ant Killa active ingredient is Bifenthrin. Whilst it’s toxic, it doesn’t fume compared to other ant dust products. I’d use it at the site of the ant next and not around the hive.

There are other alternatives to ant problems.

Look up ‘ant moat’.

Cinnamon is also a natural product that can act as a deterrent. I’m sure others will chime in too.

Hey fffred,

We’ve tried kilos and kilos of cinnamon, growing mint around the base, moats of all kinds which seem to work most of the time until rain overflows them or the bees/dead ants create a temporary bridge to climb on.

They are clever little devils or just a lot of dumb luck when we’ve left the hive for a few days to calm after an inspection…

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Also yes we’ve tried vinegar spray… boiling water… regular water and detergent down their holes. Peppermint spray. Lol I’m outta ideas

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I have used Hovex sand grannuals for many years, Available at Coles Supermarket. I sprinkle it in the ant entrance as close as a few meters away from the hives that are on stands and have never seen a bee showing any interest in it although many said the hives would be dead in a few days from being poisoned. But it was thru desperation that I tried it with no regrets and seldom see ants in the hives, but if I do I go looking for a new nest.

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Freaking Legend Peter! That definitely calms the nerves and eases my thought process around using the granules!! Sometimes ants need a heavier hand than cinnamon and even boiling water :open_mouth: and by gosh my ants are almost unable to be defeated! :ant: :mag:

I’ve used a product called Amdro in the past (this is before I kept bees). It works on the basis that the ants bring the granules back to base and feed it to the colony (including the queen), killing off the population. I found it quite effective.

I’ve found one reference to it on the forum:

The Hovex I use is taken into the nest and I assume fed to the nest, within a couple of days the nest is dead. Of course care is need around bee but Hovex isn’t on the bees menu but the ants go for it. I used to use Borax but applying Hovex is much faster than making up a Borax and honey paste and a lot more care is needed to make sure the bees can’t get at the paste.