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Ants in a sandy WA location



Hi all,

I’ve just installed my Flow Hive 2 with legs and as we live in ant infested sandy area in WA, will placed it on blocks and then put the legs into tubs of oil.
Unfortunately all we have managed to do (although no ants) is drown some of the girls in the oil!

Any ideas??



A product called ‘Never Wet’ and available at Bunnings and possibly a bigger hardware store. It is a 2 part application and the ants can’t climb over it, they can’t get a grip on it, they simply fall off… Spray the legs and the problem will be fixed.


Hi Kate, welcome to the forum.
Ideas? Sure, plenty.



Hey Kate,

I have a setup similar to yours with one exception…I put a lid hovering over the oil. This stops the rain getting in as well as twigs and leaves that can form a bridge across the oil. Also stops the bees landing in the oil (or at least makes it a lot harder). I used an outdoor stilastic type material to form a seal and hold the lid in place.


Great, thanks for the help


I actually did this as we have a huge ant problem in the back garden. And it works. Dries to an off-white and slightly messy finish but no ants!

When I bought it a couple weeks ago, the guy at Bunnings said they were not restocking it. So head down quick. I had to go to 3 stores before I found the last pack.


Yep, non in Bunnings but you can still get it on Ebay!!


aha, good luck! Works a charm…for a while. i notice with all our recent rains and the location its in (splashback off a brick wall) it seems to be wearing off. In saying that, it may have been a faulty application on my part.


Hi Kate I live in WA too and have put my flow hive ontop of a table and sprinkled cinnamon around the hive which fingers crossed is keeping the ants away.
Hope this helps :grinning:


If that doesn’t stop the ants a smear of grease on the table legs will do the trick.


Thanks Peter48 I will try that too.


How did the cinnamon work?


Sorry, I went with the Never Wet which seems to work well!


Hi it worked really well the ants seem to go away almost instantly :smiley:
It’s better then using anything that might harm the bees and is so readily available.


Which ever works Kate at least you have solved the ant problem.