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Ants in a weaker hive?



thanks @Dawn_SD - after wiping and reapplying, it seems to have worked. That and the bees appears to have stopped the little nest that had started in a corner of the brood box.


@AntCant when will AntCant be available for sale in Australia?


@ropate - at this time sales of AntCant are limited to the United States mainland as shipping charges for small number of bottles is too expensive. As a next step, we hope to offer AntCant in Canada and Mexico, and then expand more broadly. Is ant infestation of beehives a significant problem in Australia?


Hi David,

If you use the forum search tool at the upper right (magnifying glass), you can get an idea of who has a problem with ants, and where they are located. For example, in the top 10 hits of a search for ants, more than 4 were in Australia:



Ants are the biggest insect problem, certainly in my apiary, but am sure it is an issue for all the bee keepers in Australia. Maybe it is worth looking into having an agent/distributor here. Air freight from the U.S. is the biggest problem holding sales back from businesses there.


Exactly. Although, finding an American supplier to ship to Australia was impossible. Thankfully my family visits often enough to bring me supplies.