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Ants in the Honey


I just robbed my third flow frame today and got another great yield however as the last jar was filling I noticed a small black ant come down the tube. i fished it out and on inspection saw there was another in the jar. one the lid was on i had a look and there was another ant. I had given up trying to stop these ants getting to the hive as all efforts where in vain I figured if they are are just collecting honey from the tube caps they always seem to weep a little good luck to them. But if they are getting into the hive and appearing in the honey that is not a good thing.
On a side note I had one of the bees fly into a jar as it was filling. I put another jar under and rescued her from her sticky grave. She was in the jar for a few minutes and I figured she was a lost cause. Once out she was still alive so I popped her on the hive porch. Wow was she popular.


Hi Andrew,
If it is just the odd few ants in the tube then it really shouldn’t be too much of an issue, you should be able to put a small jar under the tube to catch the first 50ml or so of your honey and then fish the ants out. But if you have a nest in or around your hive then it would be best to take some steps to keep them out or eradicate.