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Anyone stain their Flow Hive?

I’d like to hear from anyone who stains their Flow Hives - what you use, and how often you re-stain?

It really depend on which timber you Flow Hive is made of and how often you are prepared to treat it. If it is cedar then most opt for using tung oil to retain the natural timber look, if it is made of pine then painting it is the best option and white is the best option if you are in a hot climate to help the bees in cooling the hive. Painting should last 5 to 8 years before repainting is needed. Tung oil seems to last a shorter period, as short as a years in some reports. Any treatment you use it is all about preserving the timber by sealing it against water penetration into the wood, that is more important in my opinion than beauty/appearance.
Stains are not known to be a good wood sealer so it wouldn’t be my choice.

Thank you. Tung oil it is!!
How easy is it to re-oil annually?

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