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Anyone use Flow with an Apimaye brood box?

Just doing some reading and came across Apimaye brood boxes…

Anyone ever use these with a Flow super?


I have both the flow and the apimaye–havent used the flow in the box but will check to see if it fits for you.


Love to know the answer myself actually! I’ve been eyeing up the Apimaye!

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Hi iKenBee - did you ever try the Flow on top of the apimaye hive?

I don’t have bees yet, but I can confirm that the flow super fits on top of the apimaye boxes just fine. However, from what I recall, I did make one minor modification so that the apimaye top cover and feeder would sit well – I removed the top half inch or so of some thin strip of wood near the top inside of the flow super, simply by prying at it with a screwdriver. I don’t quite remember why that was necessary, but it was easy. Another minor thing is that the front top piece of wood on the flow super, that you remove in order to insert the key, cannot be removed when the apimaye top cover is on because it hangs down a bit. But that’s no big deal because the top feeder will keep the bees contained even when the top cover is removed.

Fwiw, both products seem high quality, but I don’t have any “real” experience with them yet, so take this with a grain of salt. Hope it helps.

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