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Attention North American beeks - join the Great Sunflower Project 🌻


Since 2008, citizen scientists across the US have helped track pollinator numbers by participating in a simple and fun summertime activity, that many of us already enjoy! Plant some sunflowers in your garden and watch as various bees and insects make their daily visits. Please see the link for details - this is part of a scientific study, in which Lemon Queen sunflowers were designated and are the only type that may be used.

Hi Eva,
This is a fun Citizen Science opportunity!

They have changed their focus and have expanded the count to include all plants :purple_heart::sunflower::ear_of_rice::hibiscus: from FAQ

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Wow, cool!!! Thanks for the update :two_hearts::mushroom::sunflower::honeybee::herb::blossom:

@Eva, I seem to recall you posting about this last year…

I’ve got a question for you (and anyone else that grows sunflowers…what type do you grow? What is your preferred variety if you’ve grown different types?

I’ve been looking at sunflowers to plant for next year (I’m in Oz) but I discovered that there is a huge variety of sunflowers (more than I anticipated)!


I’ve been working off the same variety pack and volunteers for the past three years - I don’t recall specific names for them all but they range from pale creamy yellow with a dark center to deep red-orange, with some adorable fuzzy ones like Van Gogh painted (called Teddy Bear I believe). There really are so many! I don’t have a single favorite, but I can say I prefer the ones that work well in cut flower arrangements - not too big & heavy, and also not so small that they’re too similar in size to other flowers like zinnias. I always leave the largest ones and many others to go to seed - it’s lovely to see goldfinches and chickadees on them through the late summer & fall.