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Bad translation


The new translation on Danish , that is realy bad. I mean in the shop , advertising for FH2.


@Faroe will pick this up and you will be able to help with a "good " translation.
Mr Google doesn’t always translate very well.


Ah yes, reminds me of the Urban legend:

English - The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

Russian - The vodka is OK, but the meat is terrible

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :thinking:


Good morning Fair Lady,
You are very quick on the keyboard today.
I believe Google uses AI to learn. The classic French, Italian, German, Spanish translations are now very good probably because they are most frequently used.
When we were in Denmark we stayed 10 days in Odense and they told us they had a lot of language variations to those in say Copenhagen but I am not able to verify that


Hi Lars,
Which website/web page are you referring to? Can you please copy a URL link below so I can have a look, and pass on to the Flow team to fix if necessary.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Faroe the Other evening it was standing on danish , and that was a bad translationBut now it is on English again.


Okay. Maybe you had the google translate function turned on in the main website (bottom middle of the web page) www.honeyflow.com and then later it went back to English.

Or maybe you have the translator built into your browser (like I do). I just checked our European website, and I thought it was supposed to be translated into German, but it is saying Dutch when I hover over the translator. Sorry, I’m not being much help. I will ask the IT team which language the website is supposed to be in.