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Bee attack ! that hurt


I had interesting experience some time back with a sting from a fish. My friend’s wife, who was a registered nurse, told me to put my hand into the hottest water I could bare. At first I thought she was crazy, but the pain got the better of me, and eventually I did as she suggested. INCREDIBLY, the relief was instantaneous. Apparently the increase of temperature ensures faster metabolic process and removal of chemicals injected by the fish/plant/insect.
However, have not yet tried this method with a bee sting, though I see no reason why it wouldn’t work.


Yes that is what you also do for stingray and stonefish,from memory when I was a scuba instructor the hot water needs to be around 50c which is very hot when you put your foot in it !


I have previously posted about an electronic device that heats the effected area of a bee sting and it really works.


Yes Peter, just read it and followed it up. Not too happy with the cost though.
But my son usually assists when working on my hive, and he always has a propensity to get stung, even though I’m there with him and don’t get stung.
So I guess I’’ bite the bullet and get one of these gizmos. Will probably impress him no end. L.O.L.


I am now figuring it was a very cheap item to buy, it instantly relieves the pain and there is no swelling. Prior to getting it I used to swell so bad even driving home after a single sting was like driving with boxing gloves on.
I see since I got mine they are cheaper on EBay, mine was from my local chemist.


Right, will check out Ebay. I swell up a little, not much pain, just itching.
One time I was on a camping trip, placed a can of soft drink on table for a second, then picked it up for another swallow. YEP, bee had gotten inside and I had it in my mouth. It left a nice sting on my tongue which swelled up so much it protruded out of my mouth for a good 6 hrs. Speech was difficulty and everyone else thought it was quiet funny, except me. Finally at midnight the swelling had gone done, by morning it was all good once more. Don’t plan to repeat the adventure though, if I can help it.


G’day Snapper, Yeah, have no desire to repeat that little exercise. It was bloody painfull. Though I will try it out next time my girls decide to give me a tough time, just to verify that it will work for Bees, though I see no reason why it wouldn’t. Problem is, if you get stung in an area that you can’t submerge in hot water, like an eyelid or ear.


I love a soft drink when I am working my hives for long hours, I use it as an excuse for taking a break, and often see a bee on the top of the can but being vigilant I have not had one go inside. I assume they are attracted to the sugar content.


LOL, funny thing, the can was sugar free. Pepsi Max.


Maybe no sugar as we know it but I would bet there was some form of sugars as a sweetener. I read somewhere some time ago that Diet Coke had more sugars than the old Classic Coke, but not sure if it is true or not.


I bought a bite away after reading about it from @Peter48 and can backup Peters praises, it works great, your left with a small mark at the sting site and for me no swelling. The only issue is holding the unit on for the required 6 seconds, the ceramic disc operates at 50 C


I use it for 3 seconds - the child setting. :blush: You just do it twice, half a minute apart - still works pretty well. :wink:


Ye gads they would make a million here :upside_down_face:. They generally use anti venine for snake bites which is very expensive. :wink:


Since being back in Australia - I’ve been bitten by a tick, had a snake up against the mozzie screen trying to attack, and yesterday I was stung by a jumping red ant (not sure the species).
I put the bite away on it straight away, and kept doing it about 10 times or more on the sting bite and around to try and cancel the bite - because I know I react badly to stings. Repeated it a bit later and also put tea tree oil on it.
Also took some fish oil straight away, in case that somehow affected the inflammatory response.
Alas, today the bite is red, swollen and very itchy.
I wonder if the electric shock method might somehow work better than the heat treatment for me.

I also think it would make a fortune here in Australia @busso - great to have around the house for peace of mind. Especially if you had guests, run an airbnb, etc.

I wonder if tick bites are neurotoxic rather than hemocytotoxic…

From their website:
Ecosave is effective against vipers bites, when the venom acts locally as hemocytotoxic agent. Ecosave’s action is not effective against neurotoxic venom that is transmitted through nerve fibers, as the bites by cobras or other animals.


Crikey Faroe keep it quiet, you’ll have everyone wanting to come here!
Welcome back. :australia:


LOL yep, after telling all my friends oversees that it’s alright, nothing’s killed me so far.
I’d say all the animals are welcoming me back for sure. I forgot to mention all the (giant) spiders (only huntsman’s), one in my undie draw. Luckily I had pulled my undie draw out to find something and the spider jumper out and didn’t go you know where :wink:


Holy smokes, a huntsman’s spider in yer undie draw?? :scream::scream::scream: My kids are scared to go in the basement because of the cave crickets down there :smirk:


Well I discovered a carpet Python in my undies drawer when I was13!!! This was during my parents’ hippie era when we built a mud-brick house in a rainforest and it wasn’t sealed up quite as tight as at regular house in the suburbs! Ah, memories…


Happy Cakeday Cathie :rainbow::sunglasses::cherry_blossom:

Wilfred is around here somewhere, so look out - he’ll probably say something naughty about pythons in undies…but I feel sorry for the poor python, just looking in the likeliest place for somewhere close to a carpet in your parents’ humble hippie home! :flushed::sweat_smile::innocent:


Oh Eva, just because you are so,so naughty you want me to be naughty too.
Not me, I am not a naughty boy.
I did wonder though why all these strange creatures inhabit the undies draw in particular.
And you definitely don’t want a python in the undies.