Bee Behavior During Total Solar Eclipse

Purely for your enjoyment :upside_down_face:

April 8th, 2024, from Leander, Texas, U.S.A.!

1:33 PM and everyone is racing back home!


Awesome video! Noticed the same thing here in Round Mountain, TX. We had way too much cloud cover for a cool video like that.

Question…. What stain did you use on your hive? Holding up well? My second Flow Hive just arrived yesterday and I’m torn between painting another one or staining.

Super cool! Not that you asked ME - but I am loving the Behr 2-in-1 Poly stain!

Sorry for the late reply. I also used Behr.

For the boxes, the specs are Behr Premium, semi-transparent, waterproofing stain & sealer, all-weather protection, 8 years on fences and siding.

For the roof, the specs are Behr Premium Plus, Exterior Satin Enamel, Deep Base 9340, Paint & Primer.