Bee box 101 - how to and what the terms mean ? Brood , honey super , etc

Hello I’m new to bee keeping, what are the ins and outs of keeping. What are the terms , brood, honey super, ect . When ,where, why? From Start to harvest what do we need to accomplish. Bee keeping 101 basic process… From native colonies and from purchased colonies. How to properly keep a box or number of boxes.

Hi again. I read that you have one hive. That hive will probably have a brood box. That’s where all the brood (the next generation) activities takes place. It normally sits on the bottom board, which incorporates an entrance. Above it sits a queen excluder, that keeps the queen in the brood box. As the name suggests, she is too big to fit through. Above that will sit the honey super, where the bees store excess honey. Only worker bees will occupy that box. Above it will sit either a crown board, or hive mat, followed by the roof.

What do we need to accomplish?: First of all we need to manage the health & welfare of our bees, then if we do a good job of that, we will eventually reap the reward of some beautiful raw honey. On top of that, the bees will help to pollinate flowers in our area.

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This is a very big subject, and I would suggest that you get a book on beekeeping. Personally I like “Beekeeping for Dummies” (not suggesting that you are a dummy!), although some of the concepts in it are outdated. However, it will give you a good grounding in the basics of beekeeping, all the terminology and timing, and the principles discussed in it are the same for the Flow hive as they are for traditional hives. :wink:


A great book, if you can get your hands on one is “ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture”. When you mention, “what are the terms”. I noticed in the back of this book a glossary of around 330 terms used in beekeeping, starting with “abdomen”, & finishing up on “worker egg”.

2 videos I like to promote are “City of the Bees”, and “Nova, Bee Tales from a Hive”

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