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Bee Photographs


Hi Paula, would you mind me sharing your photo on our Flow™ Hive Face book page? Can you please let me know if you are also ok with me also sharing your name and location? Thanks, Leah.


Photo of this poor bee on my landing board in the UK rain - we are promised some better weather we really need it


Yes you can share my photo. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Your macro images are beautiful :slight_smile:


So I moved my Flow hive and look what I found beneath the bottom board.
Soooo lucky I didn’t get bitten, I actually touched it which was why I looked underneath.
Yes I know it’s not a bee photograph but I thought I’d share anyway… :wink:


Are they TWO egg sacs as well?!!


Perusing RIRDC site tonight and saw this, he was used in UK trial for AFB detection by sniffer dog

looks a bit humid in there


Wow! I did wonder whether you might have one in that huge plant pot. That is where we find them here in California - repotting Cymbidium orchids can be a dangerous process! :scream:

For anyone who hasn’t seen one before, @skeggley has taken a very nice photo of a Black Widow Spider…


I was bitten about 3 years ago by a little one, threw me off for months. I was so tired, weak etc, Crazy. Glad it was small. Big enough to see the puncture marks where it bit me, and you could see the “infection” spread into my arm (bit me on my shoulder, i was carrying old lumber). I wear gloves and long sleeves now when working in areas that are prone to have them around.


Sure are Kirsten, with an average of 250 spiderlings in each. I’m fairly sure there was a death over east recently due to complications from an infected bite.
@Dawn_SD, your’re quite an encyclopaedia aren’t ya! Yes, you are correct, it is a species of widow spider which is native to Australia called a redback.
Never mind the bee suit on the dog, how cool are the doggie shoes!


Dragon fruit and night blooming cirus similar but the cirus does not fruit I think? I have similar flower that has small yellow fruit.


Bee baby being born can you spot her?


Yes…lovely isn’t it.
Guess …what is the first thing they do after emerging?


? I don’t know go meet the mommy? Good question.


I think I would want to go and take a poo after holding it for 3 weeks, coz I would be a good larva and not poo in my cocoon… :blush:

Oh dear, we are back to the poo theme again… :smile:


Yes the doggie shoes are great, my greyhoounds been bitten on paw twice last summer by bees in grass, perhaps I should get him some of those…


They clean the cell they emerged from :smile:


These aren’t honey bees, but native bees.

I’m not sure what type this one is sitting in this pumpkin flower.

I believe this one gathering pollen is a leaf cutter bee.



Thank you @Eva! That’s cool.