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Bee Photographs


Photographs of Bees.



My new beehive stand !! Had a dead give after winter just waiting for my new bees to come in and yes I know I have to level before the girls go in


I put shells and pebbles in my bird bath for the bees to stand on while they are drinking.


Researchers take advantage of photography technology developed by the U.S. Army to capture beautiful portraits of bees native to North America.


These are my new beehives. They’re in my backyard with bees installed just last Wed.



The bees were thinking about swarming. They decided against it and went back into the hive. I promptly split them into two hives. Here is a short video of the event:Swarm


The bees were on the cherry blossoms today.

Painting/Protecting the bee hives

My hives before the nucs were loaded.


Those look nice @greekbecky Are you in the UK? If so what paint brand?

I know some paint have gone through changes in recent years. Some paints leave a fishy smell but they may be indoor paints


Can’t see this one just place holder?


This is my Bee Pond for them to load up on water. They land on the geodes and small waterlily.


Close up of the girls in the Bee Pond.


Very pretty. Love the Dragonfly


Thanks Valli! No, I’m in New York. I forgot the name of the brand, but it did not leave any residual smell.





My husband made the two 9 foot hive stands of old wood from a bridge we had to replace. The parallel supports are far enough apart so I can hang frames on them during inspections. I put down the black plastic to kill the lawn. I will turn that area into a wildflower meadow.