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Bee taking honey from frames


Hi I am wondering if anybody has lost honey from their frames.
All my frames were full and just about to start capping. I checked the next day and one whole frame was empty. Today nearly 2 frames empty. I have read about Robber bees but there
doesn’t seem to be a lot of stress at the front of the hive.
Can anybody help.


Where are you? Without knowing what hemisphere even its real hard to give advice. After saying that, bees move nectar/honey around their hive frequently so I would not be too worried if you are not seeing fighting.



Hi Rob, we are from Western Australia


And it is also Spring expansion so they will consume more honey at this time of the year, whats flowering in your area?


Yep, as its spring they will be chewing through honey like no bodies business.


They have a heap of flowering gums and Bottle Brush.
I hope they start soon.