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Beehive giving off smell

Hello, I’ve noticed when I go near my hive you can smell it. Like the smell of poropolis and the like, is this normal? I have noticed a few bees fighting on the landing pad as well, but I have redued the entrance to around 5 cm wide.

If it smells “fresh” like honey, flowers and healthy things, that is normal. If it smells bad, like rotting or fermenting, that is worrisome and warrants an inspection.



Ditto to what Dawn said.
I would be checking the bottom tray, or coreflute, if that applies, to see if something is happening in there. I would suggest checking that once a fortnight.

Hello all. The smell is pleasant of honey/propolis. Lots of pollen pants today. I was just wondering since I do have one or two bees fighting on the landing pad. I was worried the smell might be them attacking the comb or so forth. I checked the baseboard and seems to have usual pollen bits and the like.