Beekeeping in Brisbane over the colder months

Hi everyone!
I know we’re still in summer but I just thought I’d ask if there are any considerations for me to bear in mind when it starts to get cooler. Obviously Brisbane is never really cold, but does get cooler and less humid.
For example, one of my hives was a split I did in October, and they’ve nearly filled all the frames in the brood box. Am I best to wait to put the honey super on until spring, or will it not make much difference? Thank you in advance :slight_smile: I’m always very grateful for the helpful community

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Following this topic as I’m heading into my second winter (the first I simply had the brood box building up).

I have heard varying reports that, with Brisbane’s weather, you might even get a flow through winter.
Certainly that was the experience some years for the Flow team near Byron.

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Hi Rosie. Keep a watch on your brood box. It’s probably not the right time to put a flow super on, but hey, you never know.

Hi Rosie, I’m in Buderim. I am currently adding honey supers to brood boxes. I think we’re in for a decent honey flow after all this recent rain. While driving around Maroochydore yesterday, we noticed a lot of Paperbarks & Buckinghamias heavily in flower, not to mention species I don’t know the names of.

I’m also splitting some colonies to prevent swarming, which is a real possibility. I’ve captured swarms right up until a week before winter in the past.

One consideration to bare in mind as you approach winter is to make sure that your entrance faces away from the cold W-SW winds.

Also check with some locals to get advice that’s appropriate to your location.

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