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Bee's and mosquitoes

with my hive on my side yard and not close to my back yard. It is separated by the house. would tiki torches and Citronella candles be harmfull to the bee’s. if so what would someone suggest?

Citronella is made with Lemon Grass oil. That is what we use in the UK to attract Swarms. But Citronella Smoke may just attract the bees.

Mosquitoes don’t like Citronella, Pyrethrum Sprays (Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium) is used to get rid of Bugs and insects on plants and as fly spray but I would not use that near bees.

Mosquito rings are made from ground Pyrethrum and may be the better option? They smoke where as Pyrethrum sprays may damage bee wings??

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I will check it out, whatever I do I’m trying to be somewhat environmentally sound. I recently bought some Lady beetles for my backyard and it has helped with many other insects. Also the Lady Beatles just look good having them crawl around on everything in the backyard as well.

WOW!! this may need to get out there for all the newbies like me!

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You Guys use Wintergreen Oil

Your good :smile: on top of stuff, nice thank you,

so would “wintergreen oil” Hurt or bother the bees. they are truly not close to each other but just don’t want to cause any additional damage.

TBH - I’ve done a lot of reading and research - I’m a new bee but I chase up facts - I’m a bit of a nerd.

Wintergreen is a swarm lure as well

Welcome, I am a major learning nerd as well. I will run down as much as I can. Only asking before I start researching it to help short circuit looking. Thank YOU again.

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For you DIY people out there. Based on science of mosquitoes it should work with them being attracted to CO2. Fermentation naturally produces CO2… but I’ve never actually tried it either.

Thank you, this sounds cool. This sounds like for use in your home? for it uses the words “Room”

We use Mosquito Magnets up here in Alaska. They use C02, heat and octenol to attract and trap mosquitos. May be worth it for you. Most cover an acre and shouldn’t attract bees.