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Lemongrass in new hive


Hi - I heard bees like the smell of lemongrass and that it can help them feel settled when they’ve just moved in. Does anyone know if its ok to put some fresh crushed lemongrass at the bottom of the hive for them before they are released into their new hive?


I tried crushed lemongrass once only, but it didn’t work. That was in a box that had been recently scorched. Lemongrass oil did work with a similar box. A couple of drops is all that’s required.

Others may have different experiences.

cheers from Buderim.


Lemon Grass is good for attracting bees to a swarm box and it seems that it can help relax bees into a new hive. Don’t over do it though, just a few finger smears at the entrance and one on the base board.


Awesome guys. I really appreciate your answers. I guess I’ll give it a go, erring on less rather than more.
Thanks from the Fraser Coast


A well respected bee keeper in the US uses an ear cotton bud and wipes twice at the entrance and once inside the hive at the entrance then wraps it in a small plastic bag and puts that on the bottom board. I guess if you go by that you will be pretty much on the target.


I use lemongrass oil in Nucs when I catch a swarm. I just put a single drop on on one frame near the rear of the hive. I don’t know if it helps or not but I havn’t had swarms abscond. When catching swarms I have caught two that had landed right above patches of lemongrass in gardens- so it does seem to attract them. I would have thought the actual leaves would work as the oil does- as an attractant. It’s clear bees are very attracted to certain things: Lemon trees seems to me to be an absolute favorite as maybe 50% of all swarms I have caught have been in lemon trees.


Wow, thanks Semaphore - that’s interesting. I might plant lemongrass with the lavender and rosemary around their yard -> the hive is in the chook yard. I hope they like figs and mulberry cause they’re in there too! sounds like a lemon tree might be in order for them too! Creating a garden for bees is fun!


You can never go wrong having a lemon tree. the advantage of plating lemongrass and having a lemon tree - is that if you hive does ever swarm- there is a good chance the swarm will settle on either of them making it easier to capture.