Bees don’t want to go into Super

Hey all, very new to bee keeping (first hive). It seems I have a very active, very full colony but for some reason they don’t want to make their way up to the super. As you can see from the photos, this box of very full but they just don’t want to move up. For weeks now.
I have recently tried coating the flow frames with melted wax but still they don’t want to go up.
Any tips? Tricks, advice?

Also, lots and lots of brood so I’m hoping they don’t swarm on me. No sign of queen cell yet.

Thank you

That’s interesting. I had the same and my first hive swarmed, but I hadn’t put wax in the frames (I have now). I saw Cedar talking about some beeks removing the queen excluder, and Cedar said he had one or two hives like that, where the queen wouldn’t lay in the flow frames. I will be very interested to see how your situation turns out, because I will try without the excluder if they ignore the frames again.

What is the flow like where you are? If it is not strong there may be no need for them to go up yet.


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If you have a lot of brood, there is a possibility that your colony will swarm. Is the vast majority of the brood workers? If so, that indicates a large increase in workers going forward.

My suggestion would be to open the brood up a little, by removing 2 brood frames, before placing them in the middle of the honey super, while temporarily removing 2 Flow frames. Put the gaps on the sides.

Replace those brood frames with fresh foundation frames, in a checkerboard fashion. As the population builds, they’ll start storing honey in the frames provided.

I believe it’s a mistake to focus on honey production during the spring buildup. We need to focus more on swarm prevention measures.


Leave the excluder in? If so, make sure the queen stays in the bottom box?

Do I leave the brood frames in the top box? Until they replace with honey? Or until everything has hatched?


Hi Jordy, yes leave the brood frames in the honey super, above the QE until after the brood has emerged & is replaced with honey. By that time they should be working the adjacent Flow frames. Break any drone brood off the frames first. Drones are the last to emerge, plus they can’t get back down through the QE, where they’ll die trying to.

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Good news! I think.

Went to do the frame swap, pulled out the middle flow frame and noticed a few bees (30-50) working on the bottom corner of the flow frame. Many had their heads in I think sealing the frames up.
I decided not to do the frame swap and see if they continue to work in the super.

Think I made the right decision?


Yes, you did. :wink:


Hi Jordy, as the population builds, more bees will venture into the honey super, however you are in spring, so therefore you need to keep an eye on swarm prevention, as well as seeing if the colony starts working the Flow frames.

“Opening the brood” is a step towards swarm prevention, which needs to happen several times (depending on the colony), during spring if we’re serious about preventing our colonies from swarming. The 2 frames I suggested was only the first step.


move a frame from the full box to the empty one and they will follow.