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Bees dying in front of hive


Our hive Perth Western Australia. Multiple bees dying I last couple of days .they see I front of hive. Bees still busy inside. Any ideas.

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Are they drones? How many bees? Are we talking the odd bee or mass deaths?

Bees die regularly so it might be normal.


Hi and welcome. Any photos or video (you need to upload to youtube first and then link here)? It may be robbing at this time of year in your climate, and you may need to act very quickly, but without seeing what you are seeing, it is hard to advise.


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Hi Daniel and a big welcome to the forum. Bee deaths are not uncommon, You see frames of brood and think this is great, but for each bee that emerges from a cell another bee will die, after all they only live on average for 6 weeks at this time of year.
Bees dump the dead that have died in the hive from the landing board, is that what you are seeing?
Check that there is stores in the frames, with the summer heat waves it can happen that there is not of nectar in the blossoms.
Make sure you don’t use weed sprays or insecticides, that will definitely increase the death rate.
Make sure they have water.
Really a few pics and a description about each would help us to help you.

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I you consider a hive with 25,000 bees in it- with an average lifespan of say 6 weeks- you’d expect that every day around 595 bees die, 1 every couple of minutes. Not all will die at home- but those that do get turfed out the front door unceremoniously. So it’s perfectly normal to see some dead bees there. Also drones tend to be kicked out towards the end of autumn so you can expect to see certain times were there are many dead or dying drones.

However if their is a sudden increase of corpses- it could be a sign of another problem: it could be the battle field fallen after robbing- or something even more insidious. With robbing if you see it when it happens its pretty clear as you see bees fearlessly fighting to the death around the entrance. In the case of pesticide poisoning the bees often die with their tongues poking out.


Summer lifespan.
But if a queen can lay 2000 eggs a day then surely the same amount, or around, die per day 6 weeks later. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And welcome to the forum @Daniel21 where abouts are you?

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Welcome to bee drama! Guard bees fight and kill off robbers, some die a natural death, some die of illness, robber bees kill the hive bees. Drone bees get killed off by hive bees because they eat to much. So if there is dramatic activity around your hive reduce the entrance to aid the guard bees. If there are a large amount of dead bees it could be a number of things.


I always notice more dead bees after serious rain or a storm.


The queen can lay 2000 a day. Doesn’t mean she does so every day. Humans can have quadruplets…


Hopefully not all of them @Semaphore clones! :smile: OK, sorry, bit off there. The world might be a better place if it was filled with @Semaphore and @skeggley. Although we would all have to be on our toes all the time to keep up! :blush:

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