Bees getting into trough due to frame defect

My flow frame seems to be defective and bees are getting into the trough. Look at the photo and you can see how the cells have a curve in them and from the inside there is a opening where the bees can get into the trough. Any ideas on how to fix this? I took it out and tried to staighten it with no luck. I’m thinking of blocking the opening to the trough with bees wax. Any ideas?

Hi Dusty,
I don’t think we have seen this before on the forum, I have flagged it for the Flow team to take a look. Did this happen after a heatwave? or did you notice if the wires were a bit loose when the frame went into the hive? Just trying to get some background on your issue. Cheers Rod

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Weird. Judging by the plug design it’s the newer thinner walled comb frames. Doesn’t look good though.

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Thanks for the reply. I just noticed the problem but all the other 6 frames are great so I believe it came like this from the factory.

Sorry to hear you are having this issue. I have not seen this before in over a year working for Flow.
Can you send some pictures and your order number to us so the team in manufacturing faults can look into this for you -

I’m not seeing the “opening where bees can get into the trough”. I see the curve. Are those cells capped below the surface? I’ve seen this happen with PermaComb and since it does not drain by itself, of course, you have to punch those cells. I use a Hackler Honey punch on them. But on the Flow frame they should still break open just fine and the bees will probably then uncap it all.

Hi Dusty,
This is Sarah from Flow Customer Service. We have a few ideas on what the issue may be and have emailed you to try to help resolve this issue.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Cedar (one of the founders) made up a great video for me on how to fix the problem.

Here’s the link:

I had to drain all the honey to fix it but I think it worked. The plastic is still bent but I don’t this the bees are getting in the trough anymore. I’ll attache some more before and after photos for your reference.

Thanks for all your help!



Thats great news Dusty, thanks for letting us know. Perhaps after your next extraction on this frame you could dip the frame into a bath of hot water to allow the segments to glide back into place so the frame straightens up. It is most likely the wax that is keeping the frame in that curved position.