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Bees hanging under landing board

Does anyone know why bees are hanging in a bunch under the landing board ?

Hiya George, I reckon they’re just practicing to do this;


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They actually look like they might be lined up for fanning in your photo…


Hi skeggley, wow they are all ove the front of your hive


That hive painting.

You know it is not right, do you?

It needs another coat.


Hi Snowflakehoney, just new to this.
What is fanning ?

Ha ha, I will get a couple of paint brushes for them


It’s related to how they dehydrate the nectar to make honey by facilitating air flow around the inside of the hive

Paint brushes, good one George :grin:

I think Alan’s right, your bees are aligning themselves to move air into the hive by fanning it with their wings. If you watch them closely next time you see a little bucket brigade like that, you’ll see their wings vibrating like crazy!

Skegs’s pics show what’s called bearding (why is there no beard emoji??) There’s sure to be a fanning brigade going on during bearding, plus the added measure of cooling a crowded hive by moving extra bodies outside.

Welcome to the forum :hugs:


Thanks Eva. Look forward to more posts

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I’m slow, “paint brushes for them”. Took me a while to work that one out :slight_smile: Funny

I agree, bees lined up for fanning.

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Welcome to the forum George and what your photo is showing is totally normal in hot weather. The brood cluster develops best at 35C so to keep the temperature down in hot weather some of the bees will be fanning cool air into the hive and others will take themselves and their body heat outside. On really hot nights you will be shocked at the number of bees hanging about the outside of the hive, but if you want to take a close look don’t use a white torch light at the bees will be attracted to the light and what is holding it – your hand but use some red cellophane and rubber band it over the torch and they won’t see the red light beam.