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Bees keep building on the inside of the roof of the hive?


I have a big group of bees that continue to build inside the roof of my hive? I keep brushing them back down in to the empty frames, but when I return, they are at the top again.


I have put a block of wood over the hole for now. In the future I’ll put a glass jar to get comb and honey. @Michael_Bush suggested to put some #8 hardware cloth in several posts on here.

Do they have enough room in the Brood box(es)?


Consider adding an additional super, it could be that the bees are anticipating a flow and need the extra space for honey storage.


I removed their work a few times and they stopped and actually built in the frames…
Thank you for the feedback!


This never occurred to me until I saw someone selling an inner cover with 9-12 round holes specifically for putting jars on.

Might be interesting in a pinch when, say, you have a deep box, but no frames to go in it. Hmmmmm…