Bees not in the super

I have had my flow hive set up for about 3 weeks. I have an excluder between the brood box and the super. The some of the bees have gone through the excluder and are sitting there. They are not going up inside the box and producing honey. Any ideas on what I can do

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Hi Pam, welcome. Have you had your bees awhile or are they new colonies, and if so how did they start (package or nucleus)? Is there a nectar flow on in your area? How full are the brood boxes? Are your queens laying well?

What I’m getting at is the many factors that lead to bees having the wherewithal to start storing extra food. After that point, with brand new Flow frames they have to seal up all the seams before storing nectar in them. If this is your first season, to be honest you shouldn’t expect to have a harvest. A good outcome would be that your bees build up to a good size to overwinter.

If your colonies are new, brood boxes not full, and/or there is not a good nectar flow on you shouldn’t have supers on yet. If all is going well, then take a look at this video for some more tips:


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I can confirm that patience is a key here. It took my colony a few weeks to take on the FH2+ frames while they were still busy making their new home liveable :wink: . The video Eva has linked has some tips, but as a new beekeeper I didn’t have wax to lure them into the FH frames, so I just waited and watched what they’ll do.

After a while you might be able to see them work on the center frames first and start closing the bridges in the lower cells with wax. I have just posted a picture on what that looks through one of my side windows:

I am not expecting a big harvest in my first year anyway, but I am learning a lot. And if I only get a few drops of honey, I am happy with that too.