Bees on the landing board at last light


I’m a new beekeeper and I have a healthy hive with a brood box and a busy flow super on top.

This evening I noticed something that is unusual to me. A bunch of bees are hanging out on the landing board just before last light. Doesn’t anyone have any ideas if this means something?

Last inspection was a week ago and I saw 2 practice Queen cells only. It appeared very healthy with lots of bees, lots of brood and larvae, with a couple of frames of resources and the flow super being attended to by a large number of bees.

Just means your population is expanding and to manage the internal temperature/humidity they need to leave some out side. Search the forum or Google for “bearding” you’ll see some fairly impressive numbers of bees outside late into the night during the peak of summer.

Here some photos from last week here in Western Australia.

Last summer

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for the reply, particularly the photos. Gives me a better perspective on what to see and expect.

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