Bees Seem Sick lllllllllll

This is a hive that swarmed 5 or 6 weeks ago. When I went to watch at entrance a single bee was there not moving at all but you could tell it was alive. another was like having a fit with it’s tale up in the air and other bees attending to it. The video is what I saw when I got back with my camera. The only thing with my limited knowledge / experience I can think of is that during inspections leading up to the swarm, I may have removed queen cells that I shouldn’t have and they are still queenless after all this time. ???

They look ok to me, if it was me, I’d be doing a brood inspection to see what’s going on. Do you have another hive? If so, you could take a frame of brood with young larvae to add to the hive if you have any doubts, then take a look in a few days to see if they are building queen cells.

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that sound pretty good. might solve the 2nd hive having too many bees. If I tried that does that mean I put the frame I take out of the first hive into the 2nd hive or just put a new frame in the 2nd hive?


I’m totally with Jeff on this one. Watching the vid I do not see any issues I’d be concerned with. The flights in/out appear to be of health bees only.

Have a great Memorial Weekend sir !! Keep on keeping on there. Your doing great !

Take care n enjoy ! . Gerald.

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Hi Chet, I guess you can just swap the frames over. Remember which one it is. Something I forgot to do recently. Anyway after pulling 3 frames out, I found the one that I put in & it had queen cells. That confirmed for me that the hive was queenless.

If you leave it too long you’ll finish up with a laying worker, that presents more challenges you don’t need., good luck Chet, bye

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This kind of sounds like the few I have found that had damaged or deformed wings. They sort of have a “fit” as they try to take off but can not. Either that or possibly some kind of pesticide poisoning. The video looks fairly normal. Take a frame of brood and eggs and swap it into this hive from your other hive and you will find out very quickly if they are queenless or not because they will raise a new one if they are without a queen.