Beginner Beekeeping & Harvest

Hey folks!

In this livestream, Cedar chats beginner beekeeping, does a harvest, and answers some interesting questions such as how lawnmowers & beekeepers co-exist, painting your hive once the bees are already in it, and what to do if your package of bees arrive before your hive does!

00:00 - Intro + open hive
04:22 - Lawnmowers & bees
08:15 - First brood inspection
12:35 - Candied honey
16:47 - Flow Frame design
22:40 - Adding super
28:05 - Replacing queen + ants
35:36 - Painting an active hive
41:04 - Finish harvest
47:15 - Package of bees arriving before the hive

View the whole transcript here.

Let us know your experience with these topics covered - what’s the most challenging issue you’ve had to face on your beekeeping journey so far and how did you overcome it?