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Bite Away for bee stings


A few months ago I had a bee sting on the back of my hand which was my own fault. !/2 hour later I couldn’t get a grip on my cars steering wheel with that hand because of the swelling that took 4 days to go down. That was a normal reaction for me to bee sting.
I soon after bought the Electronic “Bite Away” which has claims to relieve many stings and bites. I got a sting today working without gloves in the brood of one of my hives when I bumped a frame on the side of the hive. It removed the stinger and by then my hand was starting to react, I used the Bite Away on the stung area within about 2 minutes and again 2 minutes later and was amazed that there was no itching or swelling after applying it.
It is not a placebo, I have always had bad reactions to bee stings or any bites from ants or mozzies. This is not a paid advertisement :grinning: , it really worked. My doctor put me onto it…


I’m interested as I too swell up badly for days! Is this product sold in the states? OK it denatured the enzyme or protein that is injected by the insect.


Yes, eBay and Amazon both have it. Pricey though - must be those pesky import tariffs… :imp: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Best sting device ever. I apply it 5 times in a row for bee stings, but maybe that’s not even necessary. It’s best applied immediately, so should be at hand.
A heated back of a teaspoon works as well, but it’s obviously harder to control.
A swollen hand would mean I can’t work for a couple of days. No more excuses. :astonished:


I bought one, but haven’t used it yet, luckily :wink:

I did notice however when I tried it without a bite, it really burns! I must have really sensitive skin :frowning_face: Well, I always knew I had sensitive skin, but 50 degrees, and burning pain… I dread putting it on a bee sting.


Hi Martha, I bought mine from a chemist in Aussie who says he is selling a lot of them. It cost me under $70 Au. If you can’t buy it there let me know, and I am able to get one and post to such a nice lady.
It has one heating setting and two timing sequences, I felt the heat but it was only localized and easy to ‘take it’.


Try using it on the ‘sensitive skin and child’ button. I did a dry run just to get a feel for how to use it and felt the heat but after a sting I felt nothing but relief.


Yes, I could only do the sensitive/child version. I will do it though when I get a bee sting. As temporary pain will be better than aching pain for days.
Did you see my pretty swollen face last time Peter?


No Faroe, I must say I didn’t see your pretty and swollen face :grin: I got a sting once between my eye brows that closed my eyes for a couple of days. Not nice!!!


I can’t find the post.

Some nice ooze coming out of this one:


Thanks Faroe, that was some sting reaction.


Hey Faroe,

Not sure :thinking: it works for everyone but I
use a dab of Cogate Toothpaste after I scrap the stinger off. I keep a small sample size in both my bee suits n one in my pickup truck.

If you want to test some drop by … I’m sure I can get the girls to cooperate n sting us …

Got this one yesterday… she must have followed me. She waited until I was away n took my Bee :honeybee: veil off. Whamm !

Cheers n stings,


Oooooh dear ! Mine only got a little puffy n was gone overnight. I get nailed on the hands all the time … it’s like a quick needle prick if I scrap the stinger off quickly n add some tooth paste … I never feel it anymore.


I tend to puff up like mad too, but thankfully no effect on breathing. I’ve heard of toothpaste but never tried it. one good home remedy I do know that works is moistened tobacco, applied to the sting area. Going to look into Bite Away tho - hoping to have a small Flow harvest party in a week or so, and would be glad to have a reliable remedy on hand for visitors, just in case! Thanks @Peter48


Hi Peter, what happened to the one from EBay?

I purchased from Tent World direct to save postage and yes it does burn, the kids aren’t too keen on it after a tester on their arms but I havnt used it yet on a bees kiss.


Some how I couldn’t think of you as a tobacco chewer Eva. :grin: I thought of that as being a “southern boys thing”. I had not heard of tooth paste as a remedy till I came across it on the forum. If you buy a Bite Away make sure it is in the Bite Away box as there are copies about from China that are nowhere as effective and too cheap to be true.


It never arrived so I got a refund. My GP put me onto it again just chatting on a visit and the chemist next door to him had one on the shelf. It cost about $60 but with just using it the once I regarded it as having been well worth the price.
Cheers mate


yes it does burn- but I found when you have a sting- the pain from that pretty much overwhelms the burn! Or on another hand- the pain from the burn helps to take the mind off the pain from the sting :wink:

I have used my BiteAway about 4 times on stings- it really does seem to help. I like the broad spectrum approach: remove stinger, apply Bite Away (3 or 4 times) wash with soap, then ice the area. If it’s on the face- take antihistamines. Using this I have stopped myself getting a swollen eye. Any sting on the hand or face I treat like this as three or four days of looking like a mutant or having sausage fingers just isn’t that much fun


I did a dummie run and agree about the burning feeling but I didn’t feel it uncomfortable at all. When I applied onto a bee sting it gave very fast relief and just a warming sensation, with no itching or swelling and I could still retain the feeling of touch.
Regards Jack



Sounds like you got a winner but since I usually only feel the instant prick … for me … I’ll stay with my small tubes of Cogate toothpaste . If I had worst reaction that Bite Away would probably be totally worth it … what ever works … Works !