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BlueBee bottom board


I am wondering if anyone is using the Blue bee bottoms boards in the base of their flow hive ?And if so, how did you modify your base to allow them to fit?

I am new to beekeeping and a local bee keeper put me onto this invention and given our coastal/subtropical climate we are in I thought it was worth a shot. From reading up on this invention, it is thought to be superior to screened bottom boards?



The reviews I have read have been negative. A Google search will save you some :moneybag:


For your climate at Port Macquarie I would opt for a screened bottom board, the tray can be cleaned and checked for any issues. I haven’t had any experience with that particular product but I fail to see how it is superior to a basic bottom board.

I have both screened and solid bottom boards in my apiary and my preference now is the screened bottom board to help the bees with more air flown in hot and humid weather.


Hi Suzzanna, although the flowhive has the screened bottom board many an experience beekeeper will tell you dont need it. The bees will control the temperature and the pests as long as the hive is strong and healthy.
We are in Brisbane so plenty of small hive beetles around, so we just added a timber surround to the corflute under the flow hive and then added lime or you can use DE also but more expensive.
This does two things, closes off most of the ventilation and allows beetles and moths to get trapped either from entering though the remaining gap or being driven down by the bees.
The new flow hive has this type of base with trays and ventilation control.
Search this forum for flow hive modifications including ours.
Good luck.