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Bottom box not being used


was checking my hives after winter, sept18 in melbourne, and the top box only had about 1/1/2 from not full… so i thought ready for flowhive to go on top… i thought i would check bottom box… glad i did as a couple of frames had very small amount of brood… the rest were empty… and most bees in top box. glad i did not put flowhive on as obviously not ready. question… why and should i switch boxes??


My best guess is that your hive was too ventilated over the colder months. Your bees have migrated the brood nest to the warmest part of the hive.


I wouldn’t switch the boxes as you might loose your brood due to the cold. My thinking is the bees went to the top brood box looking for the added warmth. Where are the stores, in the top box along with the bulk of the brood? Is that hive of less numbers of bees and stores than your other two hives? And are all your hives double brood boxes.
I agree, the hive is not ready for a flow super till both of the brood boxes are busting at the seams with bees, brood and stores.
Regards Dennis


If the top brood box that had the majority of the bees and brood is not completely full I would take away the other brood box until it is bursting with bees. Then you can add the second box. I had read it on this forum and experienced it myself that giving bees too much space before they are ready for it hinders their expansion.


thanks guys for your help… this hive is only one with SHB, guess because so much unprotected room in bottom box. there is room in top box so might get rid of bottom until top is full… again thanks for info