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Bottom Tray Insulation

I had a fair amount of condensation and added a moisture quilt last month which helped immensely, but I still see mold forming on bottom tray. Would it help here in northwest US where temps are 40s-50 (F) to put wood shavings on the bottom tray to both insulate the hive and reduce mold?

Probably don’t need the insulation much at those temps - you could just flip the tray over to prevent the water from collecting.

Even if you insulate the bottom, you’re still going to get condensation that forms on the side of the hive and drips down.

Here in east tennessee, it stays so moist in the air, we utilize a top entrance to allow the condensation to escape. Check with your locals.

I have added a vent hole on each side of the upper hive to help dissipate moisture as that should help.

Not sure about this method. Normally it is a notch on the inner cover. Either on the side or front.
I added the notch to the front of mine and use a piece of wood on the inside to lift the roof enough to expose it.