Brainy Bee People, can you answer this?

Please can someone tell me why the flow hive wooden frames have a grove in the bottom bar ?
I was comparing frames with ones that came with my nuc and noticed that those are solid. Any one know what the grove is for please and thank you

Photo would help a lot. Please and thank you!! :blush:

@Dawn_SD Your wish is my command, oh wise and knowledgeable one :wink:, I just hope I’ve uploaded the picture right :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: the nice clean frame on the right is the flow one, the left came with my original nuc and I was wondering why they are different, they are just wooden brood frames so maybe they help the comb anchoring ?
As my mother always told me to have manners, can you enlighten me, please & thank you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::pray:

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The left hand one looks like the structure for a Langstroth wired frame, or a foundation-less frame. The right hand one looks like a frame designed for wax-coated plastic foundation (but a similar bottom bar is used for British National hive wired foundation).

You photo helps me not to worry. The bees very likely won’t care about it. Just give them a good home, and they will fill the room with what they want.


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The cut is for the plastic foundation to sit into, there will be the same cut in the top bar. You bend the plastic foundation enough to get it in each slot.

@Joe01 Hello Joe, welcome to the forum and thank you for the information. The wooden frames I can get at my local beekeeping supply don’t have a grove at all in the bottom of the frame and it made me wonder if the naturally drawn comb would be less stable on these frames.
So far I haven’t noticed it to be a problem either way……yet :wink: Thank you :pray:

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