Brand new in KS, USA

Hi there! I am brand new to beekeeping and Flow Hives! We have some friends and family that have been beekeepers for years, and they are a great resource, but none use the flow hive. I have wanted to start beekeeping for about 10 years and after a lot of research really fell in love with the flow hives and hope I can convince our friends, here is hoping I have a great start!!


Hey Colleen! Welcome to the forum :relaxed:

Did you get a Flow hive yet? Guess you’ll wait til next season for bees but that gives you plenty of time to get familiar with things first. And you and your beekeeping friends can check out all the wonderful harvesting pics too! I’m about to have a second harvest in a couple more days - two of my hives have Flow supers on and they are bursting :sunglasses::+1:

I have my new hive ready to go! I already have the bees in a traditional hive from our friend. It has been here in its spot for about a month.

My plan is to transplant those frames into the flow hive tonight and put it exactly where the current hive is. I am going to scrape some of the wax from the current hive and place in the new flow hive brood box. The current frames were not level and are quite warped, but being new I’m afraid to remove the comb and try to tie in to new frames, I was thinking I will put some new frames on the outside and slowly try replacing the old ones. I haven’t been successful in getting ahold of a beekeeping association in my area to have someone that is experienced come help… hopefully they will reply soon! Our friend isn’t comfortable doing it either.

Does this sound ok? Any suggestions or advice?

The bees are likely to use the old comb as a guide so it may all end up crooked.

You don’t have to remove the comb from the old frames, you can probably just push it straighter.

If you’re going to do two brood boxes, you can put new frames in the upper box and make sure they do it right (with foundation). Then you can worry about the crooked frames later - when they are empty just scrape out the wax and render it.

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