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Buy a Flow Entrance Reducer


Someone at Bee Thinking a couple of months back said they were producing these for Flow - so back I came to buy from the Flow shop. Still nothing in the Flow shop yet.

When, oh when, will we be able to buy one? This year, next, never?


Just use a bit of wood that fits your entrance and closes the entrance down to the size you want. It does not have to be fancy.



I’ve made several n have sent them off to Flow-hive friend to see if they fit correctly. Flows are a bit thinner n shorter than my standard Beethinking cedar hive !



Trouble with those Gerald is that you need a whole collection to go from that small entrance to fully open. That is why I just use shims to get the entrance size I want then it can be opened bit by bit. Besides, I would never make it as nice or accurate so the shims work for me as they are so simple.




True maybe but the 1" is a good one if problems of yellow jackets or stealing starts. And for me personally. I have blanks cut already that I can cut a 4" wide. Most entrance reducers I’ve seen only come with the 1" n 4" entrances.



@cowgirl - its really simple, just a couple of bits of thin timber broken to the length I want and pushed into the entrance. When winter really gets here and they quieten down I will put another set in to close the entrance to a couple of inches or less. Just keep adding the shims.

I don’t have the patience to make reducers like Gerald :weary: I have been known to just shove some dried grass in the entrance when needed…



Two paint stir sticks broken or cut to leave your desired gap work great!


OK, anyone else here able to make an entrance reducer that is attractive and fits the Flow?" Email me. Thanks.


@Gerald_Nickel has made one out of hardwood. He sent me one which needed a little trimming and sanding, but it fits really tightly and it looks nice. I am sending him a check for $20 for his time, materials, knowledge and postage/packing. Well worth it imho. Some photos:

If you are nice to him, he might be willing to make one for you! :smile: I think it is only fair to give him something for his expertise and willingness, though. Then he can get a nice tripod and remote shutter control for his iPhone - fair trade all round! :wink:

You can’t see it from this photo (I fitted it to an empty hive), but my bees like it too. It went into service yesterday when I installed a nuc.


When would you use something like that?

We use something similar to this:


(I suppose that essentially is less a reducer than a device to keep out mice and such…?)


Late fall in prep for the winter.


Ah, okay. Thanks for the info!


I also made out out of Australian hardwood (Jarrah) which fits as ‘snug as a bug in a rug’. I’ve made a slight modification and placed two stainless screws on either end which stick out and makes for ease of fitting and removing.


What are your dimensions?


Hey Bro !
Looking great ! It’s what ever it takes to get the job done. I am just blessed with a small woodshop ! Keep up the great work ! Gerald.


Went ahead and bought the 8-frame cedar entrance reducers from Bee Thinking who manufacture the Flow wood hives and will get my husband to saw these things down to size. Can’t believe that no one took robbing, moving hives, winter, etc. into consideration when building the hive entrances, but hopefully all sorted now.


It was not an issue because its not a “Flow” problem. All beekeepers handle it and usually make their own.


Actually, as a beekeeper I have never had to hack and saw at a hive entrance reducer, nor make one - but then I’ve not had to deal with Langs and all their issues either.


Its not specifically a lang problem. All hives need their entrances opened or reduced during the season and this is just a way to handle it. On the other hand many people don’t ever do it. Some get away with it, others don’t.



I quit doing that and the bees seem better for it. I just reduce it year around and never change it…