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Can bee's make babies inside the honey flow hives?


I couldnt be sure about it,Hope someone can tell me the answer
Can bee’s make babies inside the honey flow hives?


Of course they can. It’s a normal wooden Langstroth box like any other
How would you keep a colony going otherwise?
A bee lives only six weeks after it has emerged from its cocoon.


If you mean can they reproduce in the flow frames absolutely they can. The flow frames have cells just like the comb the bees normally build themselves. The cells are deeper than typical worker comb cells so anything that will be laid in the cells will most likely become drones.

You have to decide whether you will use a queen excluder between your brood boxes and the honey super. If you use the excluder it will keep the queen in the brood boxes but will allow the workers to pass through into the honey super to deposit honey.

Definitely scan this forum as there is a multitude of information and people such as yourself that are learning. I have only been on this forum for about a year now and I have gained more knowledge than I could possibly imagine. As you will read in the threads there are many ways to do the same thing. You have to determine what works best for you and your bees.

Try to search a topic first and read what others have discussed. If you don’t get the answer you are looking for or don’t quite understand ask a question. There are some wonderful beekeepers on this site that will be more than happy to pass on what has worked best for them!

Have a great day!



The bees will make the babies in the bottom brood box.
The top super box will have the Flow Frames.
You should have a queen excluder in between the brood box and the super so that the queen can’t go up into the top super and lay eggs.
You don’t want babies in the Flow Frames. You want to keep the Flow Frames just for storing the excess honey :slight_smile:

Have a look through beekeeping basics so that you can understand the basics of beekeeping - http://forum.honeyflow.com/c/beekeeping-basics

We also have our beginner beekeeping series here - https://www.honeyflow.com/gallery-videos/beginner-beekeeping-videos/p/192

Happy researching :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot guys,
Flow Hives are wonderful ,and ı am going to check the begginer beekeeping series.

Cheers !!


My Flow Hive light has normal Langstroth frames as well as the Flow Frames. Yesterday I discovered brood in one of these Langstroth frames. I hadn’t been using a queen excluder but one will be going in when I next suit up.

So far I’ve harvested two of the three Flow Frames. I inspected the frames before cranking them open. The last frame will be harvested next week. It’s in the middle and I would need to lift it out to check. Not sure if I want to do this but I will be lifting the box off to insert the queen excluder. Lifting the central frame shouldn’t be too difficult I suppose…