Can I add "split" frames to a captured swarm?

I captured two swarms over the weekend and then took 4 frames from an existing 10 frame hive to stop it from swarming. Can I put two frames of brood from the split into each nuc to give it a kick off or will the swarm reject the existing brood? Some is capped and some uncapped.

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They shouldn’t reject it at all, it will likely keep them put and give them a boost assuming they have enough bees and resources to raise the brood.


They definitely wont reject the brood. I like to use a frame of mostly open (larvae) brood while capturing a swarm. The workers, all being females, with mothering instincts will nurse & care for the brood.

Moving frames of brood around is a great way to manipulate population levels. This is provided they are free of disease, which goes without saying.