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Can I still add a second brood box? Erie, PA, USA


Last year we had a terrible winter and my bees died. I intended to install a new package this spring and by mid summer install a second brood box. My delivery of bees was significantly delayed untill nearly mid summer and they are just now really active and making lots of honey. My question is:
Is it too late in season to add a second brood box.

Regardless of the second box I am intending to move the hive closer to my home over winter and hoping to use some heating strips under the hive to keep the hive dry and warmer over this winter.

Any input is appreciated.


I wouldn’t go any warmer than 45 degrees F. You can keep them in a single as long as they are dry and have plenty of food. You could wrap the hives in black roofing paper.

I’ve been keeping bees in giant 3 brood box hives and have been successful. However, inspections and manipulations are becoming a chore especially as I get older. I want to experiment with singles: Here are some cool video links:

This fella is in Canada


If brood box is full add second. If you have frames of drawn comb even better. I move some frames of honey/pollen up to second box and checker board some empties in. If nights are still warm you could move a couple frames of brood up right over brood in bottom box. If you move brood keep those frames together. With a good queen and fall flow they should fill box fairly fast. I do not think they need the heat for winter. Strong,mite free (treated), dry, well fed bees should do fine.


No heat. The bees need to rest not eat all their stores
Put them in a poly box and they will be fine.
You can, after all overwinter bees in mating nucs if you look after them properly


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You got Devan to sign your book?

I got Dr. Tom Seeley to sign a copy of his book “Honey Bee Democracy” when he presented for our bee club. I could listen to his lectures for hours.


Me too. I love that guy (not as much as my husband, but they both do a great job with bees). :blush:


If as you say the bees

Then I would add a second brood box with foundation and the bees will build out the comb to either store honey or for a larger brood area, the bees will decide that but either way the brood will be warmer.
Have you considered wrapping the hive in black plastic and taping it in place to increase the hive temperature rather than using heating strips.