Can lang frames be added with Flow frames? Bear damage

Hi all, a friend bought a Flow Hive and a bear (2x) damaged almost everything. Out of the hives the bear messed up there were two frames stuck together that the pouring rain did not soak and the queen was there. We reassembled for him and brought it to our apiary. It has grown and now needs the super. He fixed 3 of the flow frames; can we fill the rest of the space with lang frames till he gets the others fixed? I’m not sure how the beespace will work out. Thanks

You can fill up the remaining space without messing up the bee space. Here is an old post which tells you how many frames to use, depending on box size and number of Flow frames:


thank you. I can’t believe I have to type 20 characters to post.

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Hi Debbie,
Yes you can have standard frames and Flow Frames in the same super. It is similar to a Flow Super hybrid - half Flow Frames, half standard frames.
You will have to block some of your rear window though, because you won’t have the end of your Flow Frames to block off the end, and bees will be able to fly out.

You can also email customer support and ask about buying some replacement Flow Frames for your hive.
Please include some photos of the bad frames, and also your order number or the email address you used when you first ordered (your friends details).

Thank you for the info, I passed it on to the owner. We didn’t take pics but I am sure he didn’t fix them all. Thanks agin. Lots of bears this Spring and the bee’s are long on capping honey.