Can the bees be using all the resources they are bringing in before they store honey?

Hi, We have a flow hive 2 and it is currently a brood box, ideal (went through winter) and we have recently added a second brood box with the idea of cycling out the ideal. The queen is laying there are eggs, larvae, brood, drone brood and lots of pollen coming in and lots of baby bees but it didn’t look like any stored honey. Could it be possible that the resources are being used as quick as they come in? Any advice would be appreciated. Should we supplement feed or as it is currently Spring let them do their own thing? Thank you

Hi Sarah, & welcome to the forum.
It would help if you put your location in Australia in your profile. I’m in Buderim Qld.

What you’re suggesting is possible because they are rapidly building up in readiness to swarm. Therefore they’ll use every bit of resource in the building process. You should expect to see honey arcs above the brood in some of the frames.

You should be focusing more on swarm prevention at this time of year. If you manage to prevent swarms, the honey will follow.

I only use single brood boxes where I am. You should find out what others in your area are using.

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Thank you, We are in Canberra and the bee keepers association told us to add the second brood box as that is what is best for the area in winter/shut down period. We added the second box also to provide more space for swarm prevention. We were surprised when we looked today at the lack of stores but it seems a healthy colony etc.

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I think from memory, @KSJ is also in Canberra. Yes Theodore, Canberra.


Thanks again we are beginners so it is great to have advice from experienced keepers, helps us stay on track!

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Thanks @JeffH , Hi Sarah, yes what Jeff is suggesting is possible. I am also a newish Beek, in my third year. This time last year I had already experienced my first swarm, I went from 1 hive to 3 in two months, and 6 swarms in total. I have 2 single brood and 1 double brood box. The double, I have rotated and moved some frames around to try and prevent swarming as they were only using the top box over winter. They still have room so have not split them. Sighted the queen and there were no queen cups or cells so will see what happens :wink: . The two singles I still need to inspect. You should come to the CRB member meetings as they have a special beginner bee keepers Q & A, and you will get to speak with wonderful experienced Beeks and no question is too silly. I am also looking forward to some warmer spring weather. :honeybee: :honeybee: :sunflower: :sunflower:


Thanks for your advice, the queen is in her first year as last year we had a supersedure event after the nuc was delivered. My husband has been attending the bee association meetings in person and I have come to the online ones when the restrictions were on in winter and they have been very useful! Thanks again for your advice it is such a great resource.

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